NaaS configuration - cannot change environment variables

I’ve been making attempts to get an external adapter and bridge set up following Chainlink’s documentation on “fulfilling requests” here: Fulfilling Requests | Chainlink Documentation. This works fine, until I follow the external adapter and bridge guide’s testing section: Bridges: Adding External Adapters to Nodes | Chainlink Documentation

To test an external adapter via a bridge, the documentation suggests testing using a webhook job, but in order for a webhook job to work, FEATURE_WEBHOOK_V2 must be set to true. The web UI for node operators allows me to view all environment variables set, but it does not allow me to make additions, updates, or removals.

Can I put in a request to expose some sort of an “edit” interface with the available settings/environment variables? If not, is there a CLI that I’m not aware of for me to make such changes?

Hey there, followed up with (presumably) you on reddit. We’re looking at providing that in a future iteration of NaaS, thanks for the feedback.

In the meantime, you can test your adapter directly, or test the integration end to end by requesting a response from your node manually using a consumer contract.