13 Feb – 19 Feb Chainlink contract update

A caveat before I begin. These are contracts that I have found. I am sure this list is not complete. I am not an oracle :blush: and the following views and mistakes are my own. That said, if other members of the community have additional contract information, please add below.

I do think lists like this give us a good idea as to the progress Chainlink is making and perhaps the direction it is moving.

Of particular interest, is the KRW – USD feed. I think that many of us, who perhaps have a more western centric view of the world, don’t truly understand the true potential for adoption in places like South Korea. Perhaps this is a cultural and or language issue, but these barriers will disappear, and I think everyone will be amazed at what South East Asia will bring to the blockchain table. That’s why I feel this feed is really important.

Also. I think the addition of the USDC and USDT – USD feeds is telling. I don’ t know who commissioned these, but I think they will become widely used in the future. Interesting.

FEEDS 13 Feb – 19 Feb


Fantastic rollup. Im particularly interested in the Stablecoin/USD Feeds, and seeing what the particular usecases there are.

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I would like to echo this sentiment. Any notion or any concept that can interconnect KRW to USD, and again throughout the South East Asian archipelago, would be great for blockchain in general. There are project of which I have been made recently aware (including Jarvis); and while I do not understand the underlying code–the general concept is fascinating. A price feed would render more robust the ability to bring the concept of FOREX into the blockchain/chainlink environment.

Is there anyway to just put every single currency forex feed online? It would be amazing if folks in one country could get access to bank interest rates in another country? The use case would be with an entity like Jarvis.

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