28 Feb – 06 Mar Chainlink contract update

When I sat down to write this weeks summary of what had happened in the world of Chainlink contracts, my initial thoughts were “not very much.”
Well, I was wrong.

Of course, the big news of the week was the announcement that “Chainlink Price Feeds Now Live on the xDai Mainnet”

The official Chainlink developer documents list 8 feeds already up and running on xDai. I think everyone in the community is looking forward to seeing xDai statistics detailed on market.link and reputation.link

AAVE / USD 0x2b481Dc923Aa050E009113Dca8dcb0daB4B68cDF

BTC / USD 0x6C1d7e76EF7304a40e8456ce883BC56d3dEA3F7d

DOT / USD 0x3c30c5c415B2410326297F0f65f5Cbb32f3aefCc

ETH / USD 0xa767f745331D267c7751297D982b050c93985627

LINK / USD 0xed322A5ac55BAE091190dFf9066760b86751947B

PERP / USD 0x76e76F7E73F3BD42E3c2b4282B50b36E78130B4A

SUSHI / USD 0xC0a6Bf8d5D408B091D022C3C0653d4056D4B9c01

YFI / USD 0x14030d5a0C9e63D9606C6f2c8771Fc95b34b07e0

In other news, it seems that following the rollout of OCR, Chainlink have changed their strategy with respect to contract creation for new price feeds.
The Contract stack now consists of three contracts

1. AccessControlledOffchainAggregator
2. AccessControlledAggregator
3. EACAggregatorProxy

The contract stack does not include
Aggregator or Facade contracts

@ChainLinkGod commented on the above, in the following tweet.

Below, are details of the APY – TVL feed created on the 03 Mar 21


AccessControlledOffchainAggregator 0x5fCAdA3CbD670aA5622AFb38ceBC9eba12aDF866

AccessControlledAggregator 0x21F5eB4E760322C66dd73f39ee6A45b3e6DfCB87

EACAggregatorProxy 0x889f28E24EA0573db472EedEf7c4137B3357ac2B


Brilliant update as usual @link_hound! It’s really exciting to see new price feeds in different networks apart from Ethereum, they really work as a good indicator of growth and the blockchain-agnostic nature of Chainlink. I was wondering, do you know which are the projects leveraging those feeds in xDai?

Apart from that I have to admit that I am quite surprised that L2 solutions are still so unknown. I mean… Look at that gas!

Source: A call to the BTC / USD price feed in xDai

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