ERC20 Token Migration & Staking App v2

This Discourse thread is intended for the greater LinkPool community to voice their opinion regarding the changes introduced in the LinkPool App and their contracts following the latest update.

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please feel free to share them below in the comments - your opinion matters!


Congrats on the migration! It means a lot for us!

I was just wondering if there is a way to get the NFT of the original crowdsale participants even if I migrated from another address? I have the keys of the address I participated with, but I got confused since I moved the LP to the ledger and the history didn’t show me that it got moved from another address (I used the smart contract at that time to move it). Maybe I can send a signed transaction or another way?



Hey Nic, welcome to our Discourse forum! The team has been working tirelessly for a long time to make it possible, that’s why we are all just as excited as our community, so thank you!

If I have understood you correctly, have you already migrated all your tokens to LPL? If that’s the case I don’t think it would be possible to do anything about it, but anyways I’m going to communicate it to the engineering team to see if something can be done about it :crossed_fingers:

Good luck and feel free to share any other questions you may have!

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Awesome news guys, really excited for what’s to come! BTW do you have any plans about incentivising OG NFT token holders?


Welcome BJ! I’m as excited for what’s to come!

As far as I know there are no plans to give special incentives to the OG NFT owners, as it is just a small gift to commemorate the loyalty shown to LinkPool all these years since its inception :+1:


How does lending rate work if someone borrows LPLA in order to unstake their LPL tokens?
Something like this order of events:

  1. I stake LPL
  2. I sell my LPLA
    3, I borrow LPLA instead of buying it on the market to unstake my LPL
  3. noprofit for lender???

It says lending rate is based off LINK earned by borrowers but if borrower doesn’t stake and actually burns that LPLA out of circulation what happens to me as the lender?

The interest rates charged by the allowance lending pool will be determined by a bonding curve that we’ve created to balance between liquid LPLA available to be borrowed and its overall utilisation.
At face value this equation doesn’t seem to account for a reduced total supply of LPLA, only LPLA in the lending/staking market. It’s theoretically possible for more outstanding LPLA to exist in these two markets than exist in total supply if someone unstakes their LPL


Hi Kiba, welcome to the Discourse forum, it’s nice to see you here as well!

That’s a pretty good question, however you have to keep in mind that by using the LinkPool LendingContracts you wouldn’t be borrowing actual LPLA, but rather gaining the ability to stake in a pool/contract that contains LPLA in it.


I have a similar issue to nic, but I haven’t yet migrated my tokens to the new system. I’m one of the original crowdsale contributors, but my (old) Linkpool tokens are in a different address to the original one I used in the crowdsale. I still have access to my original address. What should I do to ensure I get the NFT?


Hey, welcome to the Discourse forum @ilovesergey!

I’m glad you are asking! Given that you still retain control over your old address and that migrating any amount of LP from said address will allow you to claim the NFT, you could send at least 0.04 old LP to that address and migrate them from there, that will be enough for you to receive it! :+1:

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Thanks, that worked perfectly; I sent 0.04 and migrated it. I didn’t realise the old interface still worked for transferring old LP tokens.


Ah I see. Maybe use another term instead of “lending LPLA” which sounds like the actual token changes hands and something like “share staking power” or “ration LPLA”.

That also answers my next question of why you guys are making custom lending contracts instead of using existing platforms.

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Have been wondering, if there might come a time where other tokens are supported for staking besides LINK, like let’s say ETH or something else. Will the payouts always be converted to LINK? I presume staking LPL will always generate LINK, but what about staking rewards of something else?


Hey @9chron welcome to our Discourse forum, it’s nice to see you hanging around here!

That’s a pretty good question, thanks for asking it. While LinkPool is currently focused on providing the best services and tooling for the greater Chainlink ecosystem, we are also exploring Ethereum 2.0 and its PoS staking architecture. In the future, we might provide trustless ETH staking and in that case LinkPool would charge a percentage fee of the profit in ETH to every staker. Consequently every LPL staker would receive a portion of the fees collected by LinkPool in the form of ETH.

Something relevant to keep into account though, is that -unlike with Chainlink staking- there is no ceiling at the limit of ETH that a platform can stake. LinkPool could always run X + n number of Ethereum nodes to meet the ETH staking demand on our platform. For that reason is unlikely that we mint any ethLPLA token.

However you should also note that we have not committed to anything yet, so some of these are just working assumptions on my end :+1: