'Chainlinking' The World

Greetings frens, just stopped to the forums to give a quick hello and help encourage the growth and development of the community & the discourse here.

I am very long term bullish on chainlink & the concept of community pools and have been for some years.

Eventually virtually every human being will be staking or operating nodes in their homes whether they even end up realizing it or not on their routers or modems or however remotely operated.

I think the future is chainlinked & linkpool will provide a long term viable option for group staking.

30-70% monthly compounding network usage resulting in 10x yearly usage for the last 3 years isnt slowing down.

We are on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution and all the time before this has just been preparation for what’s to come.

The ‘DeFi Pandora’ does not go back in the ‘Use-Case Box.’

Hodl fast buidl strong frens, our time is coming.


Hi Dyer!

I agree with your long term view on community owned pools. On the other hand, I also like to stress what I think the Marketplace means for LinkPool and the ecosystem, and I can’t help but remember this article by Fredrik Haga on “aggregation theory” and how economic models that focus their efforts on aggregating suppliers, products and users on the same platform tend to dominate over the rest of the market, because that’s what I think will happen with Market.link & LinkPool :+1:


This is probably the most liberating post I’ve read in a while. Thank you

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