2023 Growth Initiative

LinkPool has reached a moment of opportunity and we are committed to seizing it. In broad terms, our goals are to grow the ecosystem, accelerate growth, and increase value accrual for our users and community. More details on how we plan to achieve them and the full extent of LinkPool’s vision will be announced soon. We want to share today, however, that to help facilitate these, over the next days and weeks you’ll begin to notice movement of LPL tokens from the LinkPool treasury. These movements represent our fidelity to achieving these objectives in the next 3-5 years.

In order to support LinkPool’s vision of scale and product development, 25% of the total LPL supply (34.99% of LinkPool’s treasury LPL) will be transferred to a multi-sig wallet and allocated to achieve two strategic outcomes: 1. funding our ecosystem growth 2. funding staff growth, retention, and development. A portion of these tokens is earmarked for current staff and immediate growth opportunities. Over time, as LinkPool continues to scale, amounts will move from the “parent” multi-sig wallet into smaller, task specific multi-sig wallets.

In every case, we have ensured all distributions are aligned with, and incentivized to, support LinkPool’s vision. All transferred tokens to task specific multi-sig wallets are subject to a vesting period of between 2-4 years. We’ve allocated up to 7m tokens to be vested each year, totalling 21m LPL by the end of year three. Additionally, while vesting, tokens in those task specific multi-sigs are subject to a lock period when these LPL tokens will not be staked. The practical result of which means that with fewer LPL tokens receiving distributions, rewards for current LPL stakers may increase.

We are excited about the future and can’t wait to share it with you.