Ideas for the chainlink ecosystem

I’d like to begin discussions in this community on how to augment both the chainlink ecosystem, as well as the LinkPool enterprise.

First idea was on whether we should consider open source APIs and add those to nodes. Could this make it easier for on-ramping future data providers to our network? I would imagine these are less lucrative, and also represent static data points. I do predict that dynamic data API sources are likely way more lucrative.

My other idea was to begin entertaining approaching the gaming industry to install/enable nodes on their platforms. Many unique ideas come to mind and these would represent some of the most dynamic nodes in existence–from w/l ratio; clicks per second; random item generation in some of their games within their proprietary gaming environment. This could allow people to sell the legitimate version of their items in blockchain environments. It could allow for gaming headhunters to find the most advanced and emerging gamers in the gaming arena. S korean teams and agents could begin searching for emerging best gamers by perhaps submitting a smartcontract oriented query and pay for that data by chainlink; enabling blizzard to continue making the best games but also getting paid for creating amazing gaming environments.
I want to begin the idea generation.

And, at some point, we also need to figure out how we are going to engage these companies.

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Let us at least initiate a brainstorm for how we can go to Blizzard/Activision and see if this is something they would be interested in? What would a proposal look like?

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Eric, I see you are a life sciences guy…majored in microbio. Cool. same.

You know what’s not lucrative, being a basic science microbio researcher. Can we find a way to augment this field. For example, there is so much data that is not published because often the American peer review won’t allow it; in contrast to European journals. In point of fact, negative data, or points that are generally important to know, for example, in the American scientific community, we do not publish that a certain process or experiment does not work.

Could we find a model; could we find a way to approach universities and professors; could we find a way for them to share information on a node. In this way, we could bring value to data chains and sources that previously did not exist, and were simply not publishable or provided for scientists to review. I mean this is a broad idea, but research labs across the country could potentially find a way to fund their projects, rather than rely on inadequate funding from government sources. Labs could find a way to share data in a collaborative way, rather than begrudge each other and fear “getting scooped.”

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I’d like to begin the process of developing ideas for a large gaming entity. I think a proposal for data procured by a system in the blizzard domain is not a bad idea.

The idea would be to assist a company like Blizzard to provided an added value layer to data they currently possess, but that does not currently have value for the company as it stands.

Every single action/counteraction; every single metric in their game environment does not necessarily currently espouse value. I believe that if we create a value added system for blizzard, it would enable blizzard to adopt into the chainlink network, and provide a very new, unique, evolutioned gaming system, gaming world.

Data points currently not monetized (and feel free to add ideas):
clicks per second, actions per second, development, economy, resources harvested, reflex, reflex time

Now, how do we take such data points housed in their infrastructure, and help them monetize it?

What if, as certain conditions occur, as a certain subset of permutations occur, an NFT trophy is designed to show that this event occurred in the blizzard galaxy. This trophy then has value in the competitive gaming environment. Perhaps such a trophy would define the gamers monetary value, should an agent chose to enlist that player. As more and more and more teams develop in the competitive gaming environment, this could be a unique way to help the arena grow.

What if, as certain conditions occur, as a certain subset of permutations occur, gamers are paid for incredible feats on the gaming platforms. That is Blizzard pays the very advanced gamers for even more incredible feats as they occur–in an automatic smart contract way. This would incentivize valueble gamers with valueble gaming profiles to stay in the blizzard ecosystem, contributing to Blizzard’s robust gaming reputation (as in, look we have the best games in our system, we pay them, and they stay here.)

What if, as certain conditions occur, as a certain subset of permutations occur, gaming agency platforms can buy the most impressive data sets. Like a unique once in a month smart-contract data query by an agency. let’s say an affluent individual wants to make the best team possible. This individual can submit a “smart-contract” data query and get the best quantified data from Blizzard, enabling this entity to reach out to those players and say, “hey i have a cool team idea to win next years competition.”

let’s start the idea genesis. I do think the video gaming industry is a cool place to start. Something as unique and as simple as the Blizzard ecosystem, would help the entity thrive. I went to a blizzcon once a long time ago…it’s a place that loves cool games. I think we could augment this, and help blizzard further monetize, and even help the players in the system further monetize. (the same way youtube and the like pays for promoters and folks that have a lot of views).

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Potentially relevant to your thoughts around this: