Evolving questions for chainlink market

I was reviewing some material about the Chainlink Market, and I’m beginning to understand how it’s a necessary tool for the environment.

What I’m not really getting however, is how smart contract creators are to evolve and new smart contract creators come to this market if data/API sources are limited. And vice versa, what would promote entities to list their data/API if they do not yet see available smart contracts from which they could derive profit.

The main thrust of my question is; which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

How does one convince a data source to put open up their API, if there is not yet any smart contract construct. How does one encourage smart contract creation for a task, if that data set is not yet available. Almost seems like, you need human engagement on both ends?


There is a significant chicken/egg problem. We believe the solution is to make high quality data available so developers can see it, imagine the possibilities, and begin building. I’d rather be early and burn some capital/development overhead and give smart developers great ideas, or be present and available for them to ask for something different.

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